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Advanced IPv6 Deployment and Security Training in April 2017 from Erion

In May 2017, you have the opportunity to attend advanced IPv6 training from the world’s leading IPv6 training company. The comprehensive Implementing and Securing IPv6  course provides you with all that you need in order to plan for, design, deploy and secure IPv6 in your network. One of our most popular IPv6 training courses. This is an advanced ... [More]

Erion’s Dr David Holder to Speak at North American IPv6 Task Force Conference

The North American IPv6 Task Force (NAv6TF) 2017 conference is to be held at LinkedIn’s headquarters (Sunnyvale, CA) on the 26th and 27th April 2017. Details can be found here. Erion’s chief consultancy and CEO Dr. David Holder will be speaking at the event on  CGN a Driver for IPv6 Adoption. Here is the abstract: Abstract The ... [More]

Google Cloud Platform Releases Alpha IPv6 Support on Load Balancers

Google have now joined Amazon and Microsoft in adding IPv6 support to their cloud platform. However, the service is not a native IPv6 offering. Both EC2 and Azure provide native IPv6 to VMs. In contrast, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) only supports IPv6 on load balancers. At the moment GCP IPv6 support is an “Alpha trial”. So ... [More]

IPv6 Training in Scotland UK 2017

As the world’s leading IPv6 training company, we are pleased to announced that we will be running some of our most popular IPv6 courses in Edinburgh, UK during 2017. These include our comprehensive 5-day Implementing and Securing IPv6 course which covers all that you need to deploy and secure IPv6 in your networks. Erion has over 19 ... [More]

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IPv6 Services

IPv6 Services

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Sendmail Services

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Training Services

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Consultancy Services

Erion IPv6 Services

IPv6 Services from Erion

Erion is the world's leading independent IPv6 training and IPv6 consultancy company. At Erion we have been providing IPv6 services since the first IPv6 standards were published in 1998.

IPv6 (the Internet Protocol version 6) is the latest version of the Internet Protocol (IP) upon which the Internet is built. It is designed to replace IPv4 which was standardised in 1981.

IPv4 address space is too small for the world's growing needs. By the mid-1990s Network Address Translation (NAT) had to be used to conserve IPv4 addresses. Despite NAT, by 2011 the central pool of IPv4 addresses was exhausted.

Today all modern operating systems, network devices and most applications are IPv6 ready. The challenge that remains is to deploy IPv6.

Erion has a vast experience of providing IPv6 consultancy and IPv6 training to many of the world's leading organisations and companies around the world.

Erion has the experience and knowledge to help you with all your IPv6 requirements


Erion IPv6 Technical Consultancy

IPv6 Consultancy

Erion's IPv6 consultancy services cover all aspects of IPv6 from high-level IPv6 strategic planning, through to detailed IPv6 technical consultancy.

Our IPv6 consultants have an extensive experience of deploying IPv6 in a wide range of diverse environments. Erion's IPv6 technical consultancy covers all major network operating systems, router IPv6 configuration, IPv6 network security and IPv6 network applications.

Examples of IPv6 consultancy that Erion has provided recently include; IPv6 deployment in national DNS registrar (ccTLD - country code Top Level Domain), IPv6 address scheme design for global hardware manufacturer, IPv6 study for national telecommunications regulator, IPv6 security consultancy for Internet security organisation and development of IPv6 application development guide for global services company.

We are also world leaders in IPv6 Windows and Unix/Linux integration. Our IPv6 integration services cover Samba, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 8, Windows 7, all major Unixes and Linux distributions.

For more details of Erion's IPv6 consultancy services click here.

Erion IPv6 Training

IPv6 Training

Erion has the world's most comprehensive range of IPv6 training courses and IPv6 workshops. These are an ideal way to prepare yourself or your staff for IPv6.

Our IPv6 courses cover all aspects of IPv6 on all major platforms including Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Linux, Unix, Juniper and Cisco IOS. Furthermore we have modular IPv6 training that can be tailored to your specific needs.

We have a wide range of IPv6 training courses from one-day introductions to 5-day in-depth technical courses. Our courses cover all aspects of IPv6 from IPv6 network programming, to IPv6 system administration and IPv6 network security.

Erion has been delivering quality IPv6 training world-wide since IPv6 was first standardised in 1998. Our IPv6 customers include many of the world's leading technology companies, telecommunications organisations and corporates.

More details of our IPv6 training courses and the options available to your can be found on our IPv6 training web-site.

For more details of Erion's IPv6 training click here.

Windows and Unix/Linux Integration

Windows and Unix/Linux Integration

Unix/Linux and Windows integration is extremely important for companies with heterogeneous environments. At Erion we have extensive experience of all aspects of Windows and Unix/Linux integration.

Our integration services cover Active Directory integration, LDAP and Kerberos integration, file and print integration and IPv6 integration.

Erion has close relationships with the key players in Windows and Unix/Linux integration including for example, Microsoft and the Samba team.

The depth of Erion's integration experience means we can provide you with advanced and independent integration consultancy.

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Samba Consultancy and Training


Samba is a very important tool in Windows and Unix/Linux integration. Not only is it widely used on Linux and Unix to integrate with Windows networks, but it also forms the basis of many NAS and other network devices in widespread use today.

Erion has many decades experience of working with Samba in large complex environments on a range of platforms including, Linux (Redhat, Suse, Ubuntu etc), Solaris, HP-UX, AIX and FreeBSD.

At Erion we have a close relationship with the Samba Team and are involved in Samba development (particularly in relation to IPv6).

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Active Directory and Unix/Linux Integration

Active Directory

Active Directory is Microsoft's network operating system. It is at the core of modern Windows networks, providing security, directory, naming and other services to users and applications.

Active Directory is based on a number of open standards. These include, LDAP, Kerberos and DNS. The open nature of these standards has made many integration options with Unix and Linux systems possible.

Erion has over a decade of experience of integrating Active Directory with Unix and Linux systems. We are leading experts in integrating Active Directory and Unix/Linux user accounts. At Erion we are vendor independent and have worked with all of the leading solutions in this area.

Our consultants have written and spoken widely on Active Directory and Unix/Linux integration. This includes writing key papers for Microsoft. More...

Single Sign On

Single Sign On

Single Sign On refers to the ability to use the name credentials (user name and password) to log-on to a number of different systems, including various operating systems, applications and even building security systems.

Modern operating systems make it possible to integrate user account databases and authentication mechanisms in a wide variety of ways. Active Directory, in particular, makes single-sign-on more practical than it has been previously.

Erion can help you choose and implement appropriate single-sign-on technologies. We have a wide experience of mixing different solutions from a variety of vendors across Windows, Unix and Linux.

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Sendmail Training and Consultancy


Sendmail remains the most widely used Message Transfer Agent (MTA) in the world. Sendmail is still the most configurable and adaptable MTA available.

Sendmail is also notoriously difficult to understand and configure. Many organisations that use Sendmail have configurations that have evolved over many years and that are now hard to maintain. We can help you understand, modify and upgrade these configurations.

Erion is one of the few organisations world-wide that continues to provide Sendmail training and Sendmail consultancy. Some of our consultants have been working with Sendmail since the early 1980s.

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Sendmail Migration Consultancy

Sendmail Migration Consultancy

Some organisations desire to migrate from Sendmail to another MTA. Migrating from Sendmail can present some unique difficulties. In particular, one of the key aims of any migration is to smoothly transfer the functionality of the Sendmail configuration to the new MTA. Often it is difficult to fully determine the functionality of the Sendmail configuration.

We can help you decode the Sendmail configuration and ensure that you are able to migrate all of the functionality to the new MTA.

Erion can also help you determine if a migration is actually necessary. There are many myths regarding Sendmail and we can help you separate myth from fact.

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Sendmail Training

Sendmail Training

Erion is a world-leader in providing Sendmail training. Very few organisations provide Sendmail training. We provide comprehensive and in-depth Sendmail training that covers all aspects of installation, configuration and management of Sendmail.

Our Sendmail trainers have many years experience of Sendmail and Sendmail training. Some of our trainers have been working with Sendmail since the early 1980s.

At Erion we have a flagship 4 day training course called Sendmail. In addition to this we have training modules that can be used to create tailored training programmes that fit your exact requirements.

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Sendmail Consultancy

Sendmail Consultancy

Erion's Sendmail consultancy covers all aspects of Sendmail from installation to administration. We can help you with advanced Sendmail configuration issues, such as rule-set writing, Anti-Spam techniques, Anti-Virus, LDAP integration and much more.

Erion's Sendmail consultants have many years of experience of working with Sendmail in large environments. We can help you resolve problems with your Sendmail installation and in implementing new functionality.

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Erion's training courses cover our specialist areas. We have courses on IPv6, Samba, Sendmail, DNS, Linux, Unix, Windows and Unix/Linux integration, Perl and much more.

Our courses are produced to a very high standard and include comprehensive course notes and where appropriate exercise work.

Erion's trainers are also active consultants in the fields that they train in. They are able to bring real world experience to the training room.

Please see our training schedule for a list of our standard courses. If you are looking for something not listed, please call for further information.

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Erion's understanding of business needs coupled with in-depth technical skills, allows us to provide solutions tailored to your specific requirements. We are not tied to one solution or platform; our in-house skills cover a wide breadth of technologies.

We have over sixteen years experience in providing advanced consultancy services world-wide. Our customers include many of the top IT companies in the world.

Our consultancy services cover, IPv6, Windows and Unix/Linux integration, Samba, advanced email, Sendmail, DNS, Linux, Unix and Windows.

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