Technology Briefing IPv6

A comprehensive analysis of the future of the Next Generation Internet Protocol - IPv6

Why this briefing?

Leading businesses are implementing IPv6 now. The operating systems, network devices, software interfaces and standards are ready. IPv6 address space is being allocated and connectivity is available from an increasing number of Internet Service Providers.

In certain areas, IPv6 roll-out is not only inevitable, it is already happening. Even so, for many, IPv6 is something that they believe will never happen.

What is the truth about IPv6? How will different businesses be affected by the roll-out of IPv6? In particular what will the impact of IPv6 be on your business?

This briefing answers these questions. It provides an overview of IPv6 and related technologies and takes a detailed look at the current market and expected trends.

This briefing analyses the growth of IPv6 with particular attention being paid to UK businesses. It looks at the effect IPv6 will have on IT service and supply companies within the UK.

Course Contents

The Need for IPv6

  • Problems with IPv4
  • Is there an Address shortage?
  • New requirements

New Features of IPv6

  • IPv6 Design
  • Comparison with IPv4
  • Autoconfiguration
  • IPv6 Security
  • Quality of Service
  • Mobile IPv6
  • Performance

Network Applications & IPv6

  • Name services (DNS)
  • Web Servers
  • Browsers

The Migration Process

  • Transition features of IPv6
  • Planning
  • Evaluation
  • Migration of Platforms
  • Migration of Applications
  • Software Development
  • When to Migrate
  • Time-scale Predictions

The Current Status

  • Operating Systems
  • Network Infrastructure
  • IPv6 Networks
  • Business Applications
  • Mobile IP & 3G


IPv6 Demonstrations

During the briefing there will be a number of short demonstrations. Demonstrations will be on the major operating systems (Windows, Unix and Linux) as well as Cisco IOS.

The demonstrations will show:

  • Basic IPv6 Configuration
  • Autoconfiguration of IPv6
  • IPv6 Router Configuration
  • Security Configuration
  • IPv6 DNS operation
  • Browsing the web over IPv6


The briefing typically starts at 9:30 and concludes at 2pm. There is ample time for discussions and questions.