Perl Introduction

A solid grounding in the Perl language

You will learn:

    • Understand the Perl environment
    • Understand Perl syntax
    • Create Perl scripts
    • Understand weird Perl syntax and expressions
    • Work with files using Perl
    • Manage Processes from Perl
    • Use simple Perl data structures
    • Make decisions and control flow in Perl scripts

Course Benefits

This Introduction to Perl starts with the basics of programming in Perl. It covers the very basics of Perl programming through to the beginnings of modular coding.

Course Contents

Language Basics

  • Why use Perl
  • The history of Perl
  • Perl environment
  • Perl help
  • Simple scripts
  • Script structure


  • Variable types in Perl
  • Variable definitions
  • Perl arrays
  • Single values
  • Interpolation

Working with Arrays and Hashes

  • How to manipulate arrays
  • How to manipulate hashes
  • Uses of arrays and hashes in Perl

Expressions and Operators

  • Perl numeric operators
  • Operator precedence
  • String operators in Perl
  • Variable conversion


  • Perl built-in functions
  • Number functions
  • String functions
  • Array functions
  • Other functions

Flow Control

  • Perl loops
  • Conditional loops
  • Variable scope

Input and Output

  • Working with files in Perl
  • Command line arguments
  • Working with applications

Basic Regular Expressions

  • Understanding regular expressions
  • Where to use regular expressions in Perl
  • Simple pattern matching


  • Making readable code
  • Reusable code
  • Subroutines in Perl

Report Formats

  • Creating Perl reports
  • Using Perl reports