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At Erion we understand the need for business oriented IT training and consultancy. Our focus is on providing advanced training and consultancy in complex networking technologies.

All members of staff have a track record of strong subject matter experience and business skills. We believe that the correct mix of expertise and business skills is key to providing excellent training and consultancy.

Our Core Areas

Our Core Areas

Erion's core areas cover advanced networking topics such as IPv6, Windows and Unix/Linux integration and specialist email services including Sendmail services.

We also provide services covering many related topics. These include Samba, DNS, Linux and Unix.

Given our wide exposure to technologies both in the proprietary and open source world, we are often called upon to help our customers in areas that support or are related to those listed above.

Our Customers

Our Customers

Erion's customers consist of many well known Fortune 500 companies and leading brands in the UK and world-wide.

We provide services to banks, software companies, hardware manufacturers, mobile phone companies, telecommunications companies, leading web-design organisations and media companies. Please ask us for case-studies.

Our customers include Microsoft, IBM, HP and Dell. Please ask for further details.