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Erion IPv6 Services

Developed in the late 1970s and standardised in 1981, the Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) is showing its age, and is finally being superseded by the next generation of the Internet Protocol (IPv6). All organisations using or supplying networks, networked systems or the Internet will be affected.

Erion has been providing IPv6 services, including consultancy and training, since the inception of IPv6 in 1998. Erion remains the world's leading IPv6 training company and provides IPv6 services world-wide. Our long involvement with IPv6 has led to us providing IPv6 consultancy to early implementers of IPv6, amongst whom are many of the world's foremost networking and technology organisations.

Our consultants have

  • Helped develop IPv6 network stacks and IPv6 applications
  • IPv6 enabled root and national DNS name servers
  • Carried out IPv6 security audits of global organisations
  • Reviewed and developed IPv6 address schemas for well known global enterprises
  • Created IPv6 deployment strategies
  • Carried out IPv6 studies for governement bodies
  • Written reports on IPv6 for telecoms regulators
  • Trained many thousands of network, security and software engineers in IPv6

Our customers include many household names, leading brands and major technology companies.

Windows and Linux/Unix Integration

Erion Windows and Unix Integration Services

In addition to our expertise in IPv6, we also have a long history of working with the integration of Windows with other platforms, including Linux and Unix. We have developed solutions for many organisations world-wide. These include both the basic installation and configuration of solutions such as Samba and the development of more complex solutions integrating many tools and services such as Kerberos and LDAP.

Our consultants work closely with key players in this field, in particular the Samba Team and Microsoft. We have written white papers, solution guides and official training material for Microsoft in this area. Also, Erion has worked with the Samba team to migrate all elements of Samba to support IPv6.

Windows and Unix Integration Services


Sendmail remains one of the world's leading message transfer agents. Even today, a significant portion of e-mail is routed and delivered using Sendmail. Despite the widespread use of Sendmail, it is rarely understood, even by e-mail administrators. Erion provides comprehensive Sendmail consultancy and training.

Sendmail Services


Erion Training

Erion provides a mixture of standard and bespoke training. We pride ourselves on being flexible and in supplying extremely high quality courses. Our course developers are experienced consultants who have also developed official training materials for many companies inclyding Microsoft, IBM and Dell.

Further details on our IPv6 training can be found here. Details of our more general training, covering DNS, Samba, Sendmail and other networking topics can be found here.


Erion Consultancy

Erion consults on a range of technologies. Our consultants are widely experienced in some of the world's most complex environments.

We are vendor independent and have experience across all major platforms and environments.

We pride ourselves on our flexibility and responsiveness.

Please call to discuss how we can help you.