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Samba is one of the most commonly used tools for integrating Unix and Linux systems into Windows environments. Samba provides integration into exisiting Windows environments, including Active Directory and the creation of security domains based on Samba domain controllers.

Samba can also be used to provide file and printer sharing over the Windows protocols.

In addition to this Samba is a powerful tool in the integration of Windows and Unix/Linux user accounts. Samba makes it possible for Active Directory domain users to logon to Unix or Linux servers.

Erion Samba Services

Erion Samba Services

Samba is a complex tool that has many different aspects to it; Active Directory integration, user account management, single-sign-on, file sharing, printer management and much more. Erion has been actively working with Samba for many years.

Samba ACLs

Erion's consultants have extensive and advanced experience of both Windows and Unix/Linux environments. They have many years of experience of working with Samba and other Windows and Unix/Linux integration technologies. Erion consultants have written both internal and external whitepapers and training materials for Microsoft and other leading companies in this area.

We have close relationships with many of the leading vendors of tools and products for integrating Windows with Unix/Linux.

Our experience covers, Samba3, Samba4, the Linux CIFS client, all aspects of Active Directory integration, SMB and NetBIOS protocols.