Sendmail Consultancy

Sendmail Consultancy

Erion's consultants have many years experience of installing, configuring and managing Sendmail in large corporate environments.

Our Sendmail consultants understand not only how to configure Sendmail using m4 macros but also how to configure Sendmail by writing complex rule sets from scratch. Our in-depth knowledge of Sendmail and it's configuration files, means that we can help you with even the most difficult of problems.

The sidebar lists some of the areas in which we can help you. Some examples can be found below. Contact us if you have any questions.

Understanding Your Sendmail Configuration

Many organisations find themselves with legacy implementations of Sendmail that are crtical to their email systems. Often system administrators do not fully understand the purpose or function of their Sendmail configuration files. We can help you make sense of your Sendmail configuration. We can take your configuration, tell you what it does and help you modify it to meet your current needs.

Troubleshooting Sendmail

Debugging or troubleshooting Sendmail requires an in-depth knowledge not only of Sendmail but of the tools and options available for finding faults and bottlenecks. We can help you resolve problems and understand how you can find and address problems yourself in the future.

Bespoke Rule Sets

If you need a special email configuration and are unsure how to implement it using Sendmail then we can help. We can devise the most appropriate way of solving your problem. If necessary we can develop bespoke rule sets for you and help test them prior to implementation.

Consultancy Services

  • Sendmail Configuration Audit
  • cf Conversion to m4
  • Sendmail Translation
  • Sendmail Troubleshooting
  • Sendmail Migration
  • Bespoke Rule Sets
  • Sendmail Security
  • Sendmail Anti-Spam
  • MILTER Configuration
  • Sendmail LDAP Configuration
  • SMTP AUTH Configuration
  • TLS Configuration
  • Server Consolidation
  • Sendmail Integration