Introduction to IPv6

A comprehensive analysis of the future of the next generation Internet Protocol - IPv6

• 1 day • £880/$1235 • world-wide

You will learn:

  • Why IPv6 is necessary and unavoidable
  • How IPv6 differs from IPv4
  • How the IPv6 protocol works
  • Why IPv6 is important to your business
  • About the many new features in IPv6
  • In what way IPv6 can benefit businesses and change the way they use their network
  • The challenges of deploying IPv6 in current networks
  • The current status of IPv6 Development
  • Changes to common network services with IPv6
  • Auto-configuration features of IPv6
  • What is involved in migrating to IPv6


Course Benefits

IPv6 is the result of many years of research and activity by the international Internet community. IPv6 provides increased addressing space, improved routing, better security and support for new applications.

The implementation of IPv6 is inevitable and will impact on all companies that maintain, implement or use IP networks.

In this short course, you will learn about the main features of IPv6 and how it will affect IP networks. This will enable you to determine how IPv6 will impact your organisation and will help you to plan a migration strategy.

Demonstrations will show how IPv6 works, how to implement IPv6 and IPv6 network services and applications.


Who should attend?

This course is ideal for IT directors and managers, strategists, network consultants and anyone who requires a brief overview of IPv6.


Some knowledge of general networking concepts is assumed. IPv4 is reviewed as it is compared and contrasted with IPv6, so only limited technical knowledge is necessary.


Course Contents

Introduction - The Need for IPv6

  • History of IP
  • The problems with IPv4
  • Address space
  • Functionality
  • Comparison of IPv6 with IPv4
  • Reality Check - IPv6 vs. IPv4

IPv6 Protocol Basics

  • IPv6 datagram header
  • IPv6 protocol features
  • IPv6 Addressing & Prefixes
  • Extension headers in IPv6
  • ICMPv6

Autoconfiguration of IPv6

  • IPv6 autoconfiguration methods
  • IPv6 Link-Local Addresses
  • Neighbor Discovery in IPv6
  • Router Discovery in IPv6
  • DHCPv6
  • IPv6 Router Renumbering

Internetworking IPv6

  • IPv6 Routing Tables
  • IPv6 path MTU discovery
  • Neighbor reachability in IPv6
  • IPv6 Dynamic Routing
  • Router renumbering with IPv6

IPv6 Security QoS and Mobility

  • What is Network Security?
  • IPv6 security threats
  • IPv6 IPsec
  • AH & ESP Headers
  • IPSec Transport and tunnel modes
  • IPSec Security associations
  • What is Quality of Service?
  • IPv6 Traffic Class & Flow Label
  • DiffServ, IntServ & RSVP
  • The Need for Mobile IP
  • Link layer mobility
  • Mobile IPv4 vs Mobile IPv6
  • Mobile IPv6 in operation

Transport Layer and IPv6

  • Operation of TCP and UDP
  • Ports and Sockets
  • Changes to TCP & UDP

IPv6 and DNS

  • &
  • A6 chains
  • BIND and MS DNS

The IPv6 Programming Interface

  • IPv6 programming basics
  • IPv4 socket API vs IPv6 socket API
  • Changes to the socket API
  • Porting to IPv6
  • Sockets & Winsock APIs
  • Perl, Java, C etc

Migrating to IPv6

  • IPv4 and IPv6 Compatibility
  • Overview of IPv6 transition mechanisms
  • Dual stacks
  • IPv6 Compatibility addresses
  • 6to4 & 6over4
  • ISATAP, Teredo, 6rd & DS-Lite
  • NAT-PT, NAT64 and DNS64
  • IPv6 Tunnel brokers
  • Protocol Translators
  • BIS and BIA
  • IPv6 Compatibility and DNS
  • Windows/Active Directory and IPv6
  • What, when and how to migrate
  • Reasons to Migrate to IPv6
  • The current status of IPv6
  • Predictions


IPv6 Demonstrations

During the briefing there will be a number of short demonstrations. Demonstrations will be on the major operating systems (Windows, Unix and Linux) as well as Cisco IOS.

The demonstrations include:

  • Basic IPv6 Configuration
  • Autoconfiguration of IPv6
  • IPv6 Router Configuration
  • Security Configuration
  • IPv6 DNS operation
  • Network monitoring of IPv6



All Erion IPv6 courses are certified by the IPv6 Forum. Erion also has its own IPv6 certification programme.

Certified IPv6 Certification
Certified Course IPv6 Forum
Certified Security Course IPv6 Forum


The Lecturers

All our lecturers are practising network consultants with extensive experience of IPv6 networking on Unix and Windows in large commercial environments. They are ideally suited to bringing you an up to date analysis of the status of IPv6.

Erion is the world's leading IPv6 training company.



Our courses are available world-wide in our virtual classrooms accompanied by virtual labs. We also deliver on-site training and public training at venues around the world.

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