Active Directory

Active Directory

Active Directory is Microsoft's network operating system. Active Directory is built upon open standards making integration with Unix and Linux more attractive than ever before.

All our consultants have extensive experience of integrating Active Directory with Unix and Linux systems. Indeed Erion consultants have written white-papers and training materials on Active Directory and Unix integration.

Active Directory Integration Products

There are many products available for integrating Active Directory with Unix and Linux systems. Some of these are open source, others are proprietary. At Erion we have worked with the leading products in this area for a long time. These include, Samba, Services for Unix (SFU) and PADL.

When determining how to integrate Active Directory with your Unix and Linux systems it is critical that you work with consultants who know the wide range of options and who are able to choose those solutions best suited to your needs. Erion consultants have all the right experience and background to help you.

Kerberos and LDAP

Kerberos and LDAP

Two crucial technologies for Active Directory integration are Kerberos and LDAP. At Erion we have a history of working with these protocols on Windows and Unix/Linux platforms. We can help you integrate LDAP and Kerberos in an heterogeneous environment, design your infrastructure, manage your implementation and resolve problems.


DNS Manager

DNS is a key component of Active Directory and most networked systems. Active Directory makes extensive use of DNS. You need to understand how Active Directory uses DNS and the issues relating to integration with Unix and Linux.

At Erion we have many years of experience with the two major implementations of DNS, BIND and Microsoft DNS. We understand when to use a Unix/Linux DNS server and when to use the Microsoft DNS server. We know how to integrate DNS across systems with Active Directory.

User Accounts

Active Directory Users

User accounts are extremely important in any organisation. They form the basis of any security systems and are also closely linked to business processes and systems (for example remote login and email services).

There are many different ways that user accounts can be integrated across Active Directory and Unix/Linux. At Erion we have experience of the many different techniques and are able to help guide you through the choice of appropriate technologies and their implementation.

IPv6 and Active Directory

History of Windows and IPv6

Erion is actively involved in IPv6 enabling Samba 3 and Samba 4. IPv6 in Samba and other interoperability products will become increasingly important with the uptake of Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista. These products both use IPv6 as their default protocol.

Further information on our work with IPv6 and Active Directory can be found at: