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The World's Largest Portfolio of IPv6 Courses

We have the world's largest portfolio of IPv6 courses.

Selection of Courses
  • Our Courses Cover All Aspects of IPv6

    We cover everything; how IPv6 works, how you should configure IPv6, how to secure IPv6, how to deploy and manage IPv6 and how to develop IPv6 software.

  • Our Training is Appropriate for All Audiences

    We have IPv6 training for everybody, whether they are managers, systems administrators, network administrators, software developers, security managers or support staff.

  • We Cover All Major Operating Systems and Platforms

    All major operating systems; Windows, Linux and Unix and all major networking platforms; Cisco IOS, Juniper and HP.

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Highest Quality of Course Materials

  • Course Notes Front Page

    Over 26 Years Continuous Development

    We are constantly updating our courses to add new material and to ensure that they keep pace with changes in the IPv6 standards.

  • Fully Tested Exercises Notes with Step-by-Step Instructions

    We have designed our course hands-on labs so that they present a challenge even to advanced delegates but we have included detailed step-by-step instructions that allow those with less experience to carry out the lab work.

  • Course Notes Example Page

    Best Practice Training Methodologies

    Our courses are written by experts in IT training and in IPv6.

  • Comparable with the Best in the Industry

    Erion has written training courses for some of the world's leading IT training companies, so we know that our material is comparable with the best.

  • Suitable for the Most Advanced Audiences

    Large numbers of Internet Protocol experts in the world's top networking companies have attended our training. Delegates say it is the best training that they have every attended.

  • Course Slides

    Comprehensive Course Manual

    Our course manuals include all of the training slides. Each slide has detailed and comprehensive notes.

  • Detailed Exercise Manual

    Our exercise manuals include full step-by-step instructions on how to carry out each exercise on the delegate's choosen platform.

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Extensive Opportunities for Hands-on Experience

  • Real-life Scenarios in the Classroom

    Our training and lab work is focused on real-life examples. The exercises provide an opportunity to experiment with the techniques delegates will use in their day to day work.

  • Structured Exercises to Ensure Success

    We have designed our exercises to maximise success during the practical work.

  • All Major Platforms Covered

    We have standard training courses for all major platforms and operating systems. Please contact us if you have a specific requirement.

IPv6 Delegates

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Technical Excellence

Our courses are designed to be suitable for even the most advanced technical audiences.

Flexible Range of Training Formats

You can choose from a range of training formats.

  • Standard Courses

    We have the world's largest portfolio of standard IPv6 courses.

  • Modular Courses

    Our courses are designed in a modular form. This makes it possible to put together tailored training courses using modules from different courses.

  • Bespoke Courses

    In addition to modular courses, we can also write bespoke training material to match your specific requirements.

Bespoke and modular courses

Exceptional Instructors

All of our instructors are experienced trainers who are also practicing IPv6 consultants with extensive experience of IPv6 deployments in a wide range of organisations.

Wide Range of Options Available

We have a wide range of training options available. We are very flexible and will endeavour to fit into your specific requirements. If you are unsure which option is appropriate for you please contact us to discuss.

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Global Coverage

  • On-site Training

    We can provide training on-site at your offices. The training can be tailored to your specific needs (modular or bespoke training) and the instructor will be dedicated to you and focusses on covering the topics that are most relevant to your organisation.

  • Remote Training

    Our training is also available remotely (typically via WebEx). With remote training, you also have the option of a training course that is tailored to your specific needs. As with our other forms of training, remote training does include the option of hands-on practical work.