IPv6 Deployment

IPv6 Deployment Consultancy

Deploying IPv6 is a complex task. At Erion we understand where best to start and how best to implement IPv6 in different types of organisation.

All our consultants have extensive experience of IPv6 on many different platforms. They are skilled in understanding how IPv6 can be best deloyed in different circumstances.

Choosing IPv6 Transition Mechanisms

IPv6 Transition Mechanisms

When deploying IPv6, a critical stage is determining which IPv6 transition mechanisms to use. There are a large number of transition mechanisms which are often used together in complex combinations.

It is important to determine which mechanisms are right for your organisation if the implementation of IPv6 is to succeed.

Configuring Network Infrastructure for IPv6

IPv6 Network Configuration

The configuration of your network devices (routers, switches etc) is critical to the deployment of IPv6. Erion can help you create suitable configurations and plan a phased roll-out into your network.

Erion can also help you configure the essential network services that make your network operate smoothly. In particular, this includes routing protocols and DNS services. Configuring DNS to support IPv6 as well as IPv4 is critical if the deployment of IPv6 is to succeed.

Our consultants can help you configure DNS on a number of different platforms, including BIND DNS and Mircosoft DNS.

Deploying IPv6 on Servers and Workstations

IPv6 Configuration on Windows

Rolling out IPv6 onto your network servers and your users workstations is a crucial part of IPv6 deployment. The success of the deployment of IPv6 depends on how well your end user's applications work over IPv6. Deterioration in service with the introduction of IPv6 will lead to a negative perception of the new protocol.

Therefore, it is crucial that the correct choices are made when configuring servers and workstations to use IPv6.

Securing Your IPv6 Network

IPv6 Security

Security of IPv6 is extremely important. The deployment of IPv6 has the potential to compromise your network security unless it is carried out in a secure manner. We can help you ensure the security of your IPv6 implementation. See our IPv6 security pages for more information.

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