IPv6 Windows and Unix/Linux Integration

IPv6 Services

Deploying IPv6 is a complex task. It is particularly complex in heterogeneous environments that utilise a mixture of Unix, Linux and Windows operating systems.

At Erion we have extensive experience of making IPv6 work in heterogeneous environments. We work closely with operating system manufactures, including Microsoft and the vendors of interoperability products. We can help you IPv6 enable the integration technologies that you use.

We are the world's leading IPv6 integration consultancy firm.

IPv6 and Windows Integration

History of Windows and IPv6

All future Windows operating systems will use IPv6 as their default stack. This is true of Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 (formally Windows Server Longhorn). This means that organisations that wish to implement these Windows operating systems must consider the impact on their Windows-Unix or Windows-Linux integration tools. Like Windows, Unix and Linux have had IPv6 enabled networking stacks for many years. The critical issue is enabling IPv6 in the applications and tools that integrate these operating systems with Windows.

IPv6 Integration Areas

At Erion we have experience of all of the key tools and applications that are used to integrate Windows and Unix/Linux environments. Indeed our consultants have written white papers and training courses on these areas over many years for Microsoft and other vendors.

Our experience covers, Active Directory, Samba, DNS, Kerberos, LDAP, NFS, Linux CIFS client, Services for Unix, PADL and much more. We can help you utilise these applications and services over IPv6 in heterogeneous environments.

IPv6 Enabling Samba

Erion's David Holder and Steve French IPv6 enable the Linux CIFS client for the first time

Samba is the leading Windows and Unix/Linux integration tool. It is widely used around the world to integrate Windows clients into Unix/Linux networks and Unix/Linux clients into Windows (and Active Directory) networks. At Erion we are leading the way in IPv6 enabling Samba.

For further information on our work with Samba and Microsoft see the Samba and IPv6 categories in our IPv6 Blog.