Sendmail Services

Sendmail Services

Sendmail is the world's leading Message Transfer Agent (MTA). Sendmail is over twenty five years old yet is still widely used and is often the default MTA on Unix and Linux platforms. Many large organisations use Sendmail to route their e-mail.

Sendmail provides unmatched configurability and functionality. However, this comes at a cost. Sendmail can be very difficult to configure. Even experienced System Administrators and Email Administrators are often fearful of changing Sendmail configurations.

At Erion was have Sendmail consultants who have been working with Sendmail for over eighteen years. We have a wealth of experience with configuring Sendmail using m4 and, troubleshooting Sendmail and helping clients migrate from Sendmail to other MTAs.

Erion also provides comprehensive Sendmail training. Our training is presented by experienced Sendmail trainers who are also active Sendmail consultants.

How We can Help You

Sendmail Consultancy Services

We can help you with your Sendmail installation in a number of different ways.

Firstly, we can help you understand your Sendmail installation. Many of our clients have Sendmail configurations that have been running successfully for many years. Often, due to staff changes or other factors, no one understands how the Sendmail configuration they have works. Not surprisingly they are reluctant to change it. We can help you understand your configuration, bring it up to date and help your staff manage and support it in the future.

Secondly, we can work with you to migrate from Sendmail to another platforms. We are able to help you migrate to many different MTAs, including Microsoft Exchange, Postfix, Exim and Qmail.

These pages provide you with details of each of these services.

Erion's Sendmail customers include, IBM, HP, Barclay's Capital, and Yell.